The Centennial Foresight is a collaborative work of more than 50 Russian and 10 international experts from the area of science, research, futurology and strategy.
The Foresight took place at Archipelago 2121 event on July 21-27, 2021 in Velikiy Novgorod.
“We need to become architects of the future, not its victims”
Richard Buckminster Fuller, American architect, designer, inventor, philosopher, systems theorist, author.
The most distressing risks of XXI century known as climate change, global cyber wars and hostile AIs may bring more severe consequences than everything humanity has already faced. The COVID-19 pandemic is the first predicted risk, and it is still not the most prominent one.
The vast amount of feeding storms are manmade disasters and all of them are effects of humanity’s lifestyle choices. The future of civilization lies on our shoulders as we ourselves – the whole humankind - need to choose our road.
Arising system threats: putting humanity existence and well-being into question in XXI century.

“Beyond the gate” image: end-to-end script of humanity’s road through a “storm of threats and danger”.

Who and how may be able to map the road.

Key stakes and suggestions for Russia and possible action strategies for different groups of stakeholders
The Centennial Foresight progress report
We proudly present a special framework which united best global longtime prognosis & programming practice.
On July 21-27, 2021, a group session took place in Veliky Novgorod, Russia. The workshop was marked with participation of over 50 Russian futurists, scientists, strategists and innovation businessmen as well as more than 10 international highly respected experts working in longtime global and local development programs including country, city, climate, manufacture and social activities future evolution.

This report is a submitted “guide for possible future” offering a clear understanding of a road map to the changing world and giving tips for our bets on leaping to the next stage of global development.
The Foresight
The Centennial Foresight is mainly dedicated to fundamental processes of time horizon which demands strict scale understanding and embracing as well as essential public and expert dialogue.
We cannot underestimate global challenges; we need to understand their reality which defines our future. We need to accept that our denial is a suicide.

The main threat to our future is not neighborhood countries nor it is state alliances or any geopolitical adversary. The big bad danger lies inside the initial principles of civilization’s structure, the model of exploitation and extractive economy. These principles and this model gave us a push for our kind might and prosperity in XIX-XX centuries. This way of living worked well in the past, but it is not effective today and this is our main challenge. And what we need is to find a way out of these principles and change them to guarantee the best possible future for ourselves, our kids and our descendants for many centuries to come.
The Centennial
Foresight focal points
Vasily Tretyakov
Andrew Siling
Evgeny Vinogradov
Aleksey Ivanov
Yuri Nekrasov
Irina Belozerova
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